Equipping students for the future

  • Expanded environmental education: raised $3.9 M to fund the Outdoor Education program for 5,000+ fifth graders by orchestrating a 3-way land transaction to fund the program and preserve open space.
  • Meet individual student learning needs: funded consultants to help districts design “blueprints” to implement personalized learning approaches in schools (e.g. project-based learning, computerized adaptive learning programs, etc.)

Supporting working parents

  • Leading a county-wide COVID Response Taskforce to provide out-of-school educational support that reduce learning loss and help parents get back to work.
  • Protected children’s health: Championed passage of anti-vaping resolution and voted to join lawsuit against e-cigarette-maker, Juul.
  • Founded, a nonprofit that helps keep kids safe and engaged outside of school so parents can work or study. Now serving families in 49 school districts.
  • Sought to align school vacation times: Convened the superintendents of the San Mateo high school and elementary districts to try and align school vacation calendars.

Ensuring that funding is well-spent

  • Led budget evaluation to assess program impact versus cost: cut expensive programs that were not meeting our mission and goals.
  • Active leader in iZone: sought to achieve efficiency and reduce costs by consolidating IT procurement and support.
  • Advocating in Sacramento for fair and full funding

Championing best practices

  • Invested in early education: Served as Commissioner for First 5 San Mateo and Steering Committee member for Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council/Big Lift.
  • Spearheaded county-wide campaign on chronic absenteeism to target the kids who miss 10% of school and are more likely to drop out.
  • Promoting "whole child" intervention strategies county-wide to address students’ academic, socio-emotional health, and behavioral issues.

Helping underserved students

  • Advocated for re-entry counselors to help students transition from our court and community schools back to their comprehensive schools.
  • Increasing access to online resources for children with special needs.
  • Advocating for new approaches to promote equity in our schools.

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